Macarena y su viaje a Irlanda

Hoy estamos muy contentos y superorgullosos de poder ofreceros esta entrada. Macarena, una de nuestras alumnas más simpáticas nos ha hecho llegar un mail contándonos su experiencia en su viaje a Irlanda de este verano para que lo publiquemos en el blog y nos ha encantado su iniciativa. Allí ha pasado una espectacular estancia conviviendo con una familia irlandesa y sobre todo ha aprendido muchísimo muchísimo inglés. Pero mucho mejor que os lo cuente ella misma, ¿no?

My experience in Ireland

This is my second year in Ireland. I have been with the same family and this year I feel I understood them better than last year, so, my English has improved so much. I think that this is the most important thing, I have learnt more English in this time with the family than in my life.


My family and I were talking all day and now we have an amazimg relationship. We always spent the day together going shopping, cooking, visiting different places… And also we have a gorgeous trip. The other day we went to the Cliffs of Moher. It is a beautiful place on the Irish coast. We went by bus with a very funny driver, he was all the time singing songs and joking. We spent all day in there so, we became very close. In spite of the good relationship I have with my family, I’m so happy and confortable with my English. Now I understand 99% of the conversation and I can watch a movie in the cinema and comprehend the whole meaning.



After that I reccommend everybody who can come to Ireland with a family to do it. It is the best way to learn English. I’m so thrilled with this experience. 

I’m now considering doing a doctorate in Biomedical Science in Galway.

Macarena de Vicente.

¡Por supuesto os animamos a todos a que nos mandéis vuestras experiencias durante verano así como recomendaciones y sugerencias para que publiquemos en el blog!

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